Overview Example Image


What is the purpose of the Overview page?


The Overview page provides a summary based on the current week of data logging from Sunday to Saturday. At the top you will see the label “Week ending Month, DD, YYYY.” The Log window shows times of use, the Words window shows an image of all the words used, the Use window is a bar chart of minutes used per day, and Analysis window summarises the words used as Parts of Speech.


How can I change from the Overview page to look at more detailed and specific information?


Click on any of the windows on the left-hand side of the Overview page to see more details regarding Words, Use, and Analysis. You can also click on the tabs along the top right of the page marked Use, Words, Log, Analysis, and Reports. These tabs also take you to new pages.


What does the Log window show on the Overview Page?


The Log is a summary measure of how much a device has been used during the current calendar week from Saturday through Sunday. The text “Week Ending Month NN, Year” above the Log indicates the last date of the current week.


How can I create a printed report of the Overview page?


Just above the Log window on the right is a small button with an image that looks like a piece of paper with the top corner folded down. This is the “Generate Report Button.” Click on this button and a PDF report will be created, which can be viewed and will be stored on the Reports page. Click on Reports tab to