Analysis Page Example Image


What is the Analysis page for?


The Analysis page has three widgets that let you (A) set a list of GOALS, (B) see how these GOALS are being achieved, and (C) break down your list of GOAL words by Part of Speech. In contrast to the Words page, which looks at all the words used by an individual, the Analysis page only looks at a specific set of target words.


How can I see how words are being used and categorised by Parts of Speech?


The Realize Language software can recognise words by Part-of-Speech. It can identify “apple” as a NOUN, “under” as a PREPOSITION, and “have” as a VERB. Breaking down words by Part of Speech can be very useful in identifying whether someone needs to focus on particular types of words rather than just individual words.

Parts Of Speech Widget Example Image

Based on the dates set in the Date Range window, clicking on the Parts of Speech widget will create a bar chart in the main window showing all instances of target words by frequency. Clicking on any of the bars will switch you to the Word Groups widget and show the words in that category.